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The Lost Generation | Kevin Gilbert

By Charles Tiu A world traveler and photojournalist, Kevin Gilbert has dedicated his life to helping people take better photos. Gilbert’s philosophy is that good photography is about the story. Content is king. “If it’s really good content, it will get noticed,” he says. In a world where almost everybody is a photographer and cell […]

Speaker Doug Melton Making Frontpage News

Reported today in the Boston Globe, TEDxBeaconStreet alum Doug Melton is making groundbreaking progress in the battle to end type 1 diabetes. His research will inform the rest of the scientific community and serve as a critical stepping stone on the path to a cure.  Stirring news for those living with or watching a loved one manage […]


Inventing the Impossible | Marco Tempest

By Charles Tiu Marco Tempest is a cyber illusionist, combining magic and technology to produce astonishing tricks and bring seemingly impossible scenarios to life. “I’m not a futurist, but I imagine what is captivating to us in the near future are robots and flying machines,” said Tempest. Artificial intelligence is the new thing to be […]

Congratulations to Superstar Megan Smith: The New U.S. CTO

TEDxBeaconStreet alumni and leader in our collaboration with Google Solve For X was selected by President Obama to serve as the Chief Technology Officer for the United States.  You may remember Megan from her amazing energy on stage and guiding conversations around Moonshot ideas.  We’re so excited to see her lead in this new challenge, congrats Megan! White House […]


Nikolai Begg TEDxBeaconStreet talk featured on TED.com

We’re so proud to share this update: Nikolai Begg’s talk has crossed the half-million views mark. {535k at last count} You may have seen Lemelson prize winner Nikolai Begg on the TEDxBeaconStreet Stage back in November.  The PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering at the MIT has a passion for inventing safer medical devices and surgical instruments. […]

It’s Official: 10 Million Views!

THIS IS BIG. We set out to hit 10 Million views in year 2 and have crossed the threshold 5 months ahead of schedule. Thanks to the incredible support of our community, TEDxBeaconStreet talks by our world-class speakers have been viewed around the globe more than 10 Million times. And that’s a lot. 10 Million is roughly the population of […]


Curiosity Driven Learning | Aya Sakaguchi

By Caty Rezendes What are students curious about? And how can you leverage their natural curiosity to create a passion for learning?  Aya Sakaguchi’s research at MIT and Harvard looks for answers to these questions using smart phones to mobilize the classroom and increase student engagement. Aya is Educational Technology Specialist with an interest in […]


FEARLESS GENIUS: The Digital Revolution | Doug Menuez

By Charles Tui With a mission to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators, Doug Menuez is traveling around America sharing his stories about Silicon Valley’s innovators and the technology that will change the world. As Menuez says, “there’s an amazing new wave of technology coming. And it’s exciting – it’s genomics, biotechnology, quantum […]

TEDxBeaconStreet Adventures Featured in Forbes

We’re honored and excited that our Adventures model has been featured in Forbes! What to get involved?  If you’re a TEDx organizer interested in implementing Adventures in your own community, check out our Adventures Toolkit or, better still, apply to become an Adventure Catalysts and learn about the model first hand Nov 14-15-16, 2014. By Dorie Clark, Forbes Contributor: The high-powered TED conference, which […]

Apply to Be a 2014 Adventure Catalyst

We are so excited to host an Adventure Workshop for TEDx curators at TEDxBeaconStreet 3.0, November 14, 15 + 16, 2014.  Our Adventure model has enjoyed much success in the past, and we are eager to make it as accessible as possible.  Adventures will be a hallmark of our conference, and we want to give curators from […]