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We’re Making Space History!

What does a black hole look like? We might have seen projections in science books, but we don’t really know. That’s because black holes are so dense and have such intense gravitational pull that they absorb everything, even light. Black holes are one of the great mysteries of the universe, all the more tantalizing because […]

Don’t Give Up Yet!

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? How’s it going so far? Studies show that about half of Americans make a resolutions of self-improvement during the holidays. However, after about a month, half of them give up; the excitement of the holiday is gone, the difficulty of changing a routine becomes apparent,  and people slowly slip […]

MLK Day at TEDxBeaconStreet

At TEDxBeaconStreet, diversity is our strength, and we don’t dodge the tough questions. In fact, we welcome them. That’s how we grow. There’s been controversy this year about what it really means to honor a legacy like Dr.  Martin Luther King Jr’s. Not only did Dr. King have a tremendous impact on the whole world, […]

Dan is on TED.com

At TEDxBeaconStreet, we are innovators. Our organization is unique for a TEDx group; our Speaker Catalysts and Adventures are unique to our community. And we’ve hosted dozens of innovators: from Marco Tempest’s illusions to Ramesh Raskar’s decision matrix, our Speakers are making a definite impact on the world.  But Dan Bricklin definitely stands apart. Dan […]

Evolution to the Rescue!

Evolution has allowed life on Earth to survive catastrophic climate changes, sudden isolation, inter-species conflicts, and more. Speaker Jing-Ke Weng studies how complex metabolic traits evolve in a Darwinian fashion to allow today’s flora and fauna to survive our changing planet. For instance, how do animals deal with increasing human byproducts? Pollution is an inevitable consequence […]

What an amazing day!

We are so grateful to our community for all their hard work and enthusiasm for the great ideas our Speakers put forward.  We had over 3,000 people come together to celebrate the sharing of knowledge and excitement in November, and the enthusiasm has carried us forward into post-event projects! We’ll be sure to share them […]