Aaron Sylvan

Aaron Sylvan is the proud organizer of TEDxFultonStreet (in New York City), which had over 300 attendees in its first year (2014).  He has been an attendee at TED8, TED9, TEDX, TED2001, TED2002, TED2003, TED2004, TED2005, TED2006, and TEDActive2012.

Aaron has built multiple software companies, including One Technology, Inc. and TrustWorks, Inc., which raised $3.5M and $400k respectively in investment capital.  As CEO, he has closed 6-figure sales with Fortune 500 companies, managed investor relations through seven rounds of funding, and appeared in national media.

Presently, Aaron is writing the soon-to-be-released hardcover book “Lemonade Heroes: How Entrepreneurs turn Setbacks into Successes”, which is a series of portraits and stories from Founders across many industries, company sizes, and nationalities.  Lemonade Heroes® has also been signed by a production company, to be marketed as an unscripted television series.

Aaron has been writing and selling software since before Apple released the Macintosh or Microsoft released Windows.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Electronic Music from Bennington College and an Executive MBA from the IMD Business School in Switzerland.