Arthur Zards

Arthur Zards is a classic internet entrepreneur, co-founding XNet, an Internet provider, before the web browser was even in existence. He grew the company to a successful exit via NASDAQ traded company, when said company went bankrupt a few years later, he and a business partner purchased the company back for pennies on the dollar.  As president of XNet he continues to push Internet technology to the limit and is passionate about creating new digital marketing practices.  Arthur is the founder and curator of TEDxNaperville, a Chicago area suburban event. As a TED Active and TEDx Summit alumni he loves to share his experiences and is passionate about  learning from other TEDx organizers.  His mantra is to : Create an idea, get people excited, do it, repeat. And he is always willing to sit down with someone to discuss their next “big idea”.  In his spare time he carves Tiki Moai, jumps off cliffs in his paraglider and grills a mean picahna.