John Petri

John Petri is a 24 years old and most recently attended Concordia University in Portland Oregon where he helped organize TEDxConcordiaUPortland for the past 2 years and attended the TEDxSummit in Doha. On the way out of the University he was chosen as the School of Management Student of the Year for his involvement in helping establish TEDx, developing and leading an environmentally focused after school program, and helping create a Business Leadership group. He is currently working for a leading experiential marketing firm, where they build live experiences that create a lasting relationship between the consumer and the brand. He is passionate about creating resources and “real” experiences for people so that they are better able to connect with each other and build lasting relationships. He feels this is most easily done through these interactive experiences. This is why he is so excited about the possibility of learning more about adventures and then creating them myself in the coming months.