Matthew Kane

Matt Kane has been working at a big company (JNJ) for over 13 years while also building out many side passions, micro-businesses and trying to learn all he can by absorbing new information and connecting with great people.  His professional life has spanned IT and Marketing and he’s been intimately involved with web based business since the first HTML 1.0 books came out.  Other big endeavors include running a non-profit organization he started ten years ago for cancer related causes and numerous web lifestyle businesses.  He was on the starting team for TEDxJNJ since it formed last year and since then has helped the team design a structure that allows it to grow, grassroots style, throughout JNJ’s large, multi-national footprint.  The team’s first “main” event is taking place this December but seven smaller Salon format events have already taken place around the globe and many more are already planned. He’s excited to connect w/ everyone at @mattwkane.