Melissa Monge

Melissa Monge is a passionate dreamer and doer. She studied Communications at Universidad de Costa Rica and since then has worked developing and facilitating Social Responsibility Strategy involving her client´s main stakeholders & how to generate more value with communities, clients, government, etc. She also volunteered at a local and international level for over 10 years in CISV, an NGO that educates and inspires action for a more just and peaceful world.

Melissa´s adventures include curating and co-organizing the 2nd edition of a TEDx event for youth in Costa Rica: TEDxJoven@PuraVida with over 700 participants, 60 official streaming sites and +15,000 streamings being the first TEDx event in the world to be fully powered by solar energy & nos preparing the 3rd edition next October. She believes in the power of collaboration and aspires to generate true social impact at a large scale. Melissa worked with Michael TS Lindenmayer, co-founder of Eirene, a purpose driven venture that focuses on issues that affect at least 1 billion people and in the past year Co-Founded “Ideas en Acción”, an NGO that develops innovative projects with high potential of being scaled and replicated for a large social impact.