Phil Klein

Phil Klein strives to create conversations and build connections between individuals, organizations and communities in Seattle and beyond. Klein is a business intelligence consultant for Microsoft through ProjectLine Services and runs an independent consultancy called Pen & Pixel, that builds web databases for clients including Child Care Resources, Senior Services, Philanthropy NW, Crisis Clinic and others. Klein’s cultivation of community information includes working with network organizations such as NPower, N-TEN and TechSoup, and serving as lead developer on the TechAtlas project, an online planning toolset, expertise distribution and recommender system used by more than 20,000 nonprofits and libraries worldwide, which was funded and acquired by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Klein also co-founded and publishes Sound Opportunities, a listing of nonprofit jobs and a guide to working in the nonprofit sector.  Klein first attended TEDGlobal in 2009, then spoke at TEDx events in Anchorage and Albuquerque, and attended several more events including TEDxSeattle and TEDxRedmond, all of which inspired him to become active in the community of TEDx organizers, and fearlessly take the reins of this year’s TEDxRainier event as its curator.