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Did you know about Africa Day?

Today, May 25th, we celebrate Africa Day, the anniversary of the founding of the African Union. Several of our speakers discussed this large and diverse continent in their talks, and their messages are all about hope, development, and innovation. The…
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Speakers Shake Up the Gardner

TEDxBeaconStreet speakers Shea Rose and Simone Scazzochio are making music history this fall at a famous and venerable Boston institution, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Since its founding in 1903, the museum has hosted musical performances;…
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Let's Have a Conversation

TEDx is about conversations. We want people to talk, to share experiences and inspiration, to bounce ideas off one another, and to find commonalities between groups. In many ways, TEDx talks are conversations with the audience. Our speakers…
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President Obama Heeds a TEDx Call

As you may have heard, President Barack Obama is traveling in Alaska this week. In fact, the President will cross north of the Arctic Circle to spotlight his call for immediate and drastic action to combat climate change ahead of the U.N.…

FUN FACTS: Meet the 2014 Audience

You never know who's in the room!  Meet the first 1000 audience members of our Awesome Audience!  Which Fun Fact do you like? Can you find yours? 1. Technology and music lover! 2. Hairdresser who uses tin foil to curl hair. 3. “Army brat”…

Curiosity Driven Learning | Aya Sakaguchi

By Caty Rezendes What are students curious about? And how can you leverage their natural curiosity to create a passion for learning?  Aya Sakaguchi's research at MIT and Harvard looks for answers to these questions using smart phones…