TEDxBeaconStreet 2012

2012 Conference Highlights

TEDxBeaconStreet 1.0

90+ Talks >>>>> 1 greeting from the international space station traveling 18,000 miles a hour through space >>>>> 12 Terabytes of video¬† recorded >>>>> 1600 people engage through the website >>>>> 800+ people attended >>>>> 4 TED Talk Sessions over 2 days >>>>> 1 Inter-generational conference in 3 cities/towns: Brookline, Cambridge & Boston >>>>> 14 Adventures in the Boston area over two days >>>>> 45 Adventure Catalysts from 22 US states and around the world attended to help us develop the concept of Adventures >>>>> 12 spectacular performances by a wide range of artists >>>>> 4 Parties: Catalyst Party at Towne’s Private Dining Room, Speaker Party on Walnut Street, Escape Velocity Party at MIT Museum, After Party at MassChallenge >>>>> 10 Speaker Rehearsals at Whitehead Institute and Google >>>>> 100+ volunteers helped with speaker feedback >>>>> 4 Food Trucks >>>>> 100 High school youth attended simulcast at Google >>>>>20 Pieces that can be arrange in 43 quintillion combination on the Rubik’s cube = the big impact our ideas can have on the universe >>>>> 1 Apple laptop from 1989 (18 pounder) that reminds us we have just begun this journey…TEDxBeaconStreet 1.0

  • 4 Million Views and Counting

    We exceeded our goal of 2,000,000 views. ¬†For TEDxBeaconStreet 2.0, we’re aiming for 10,000,000 views.

  • 110,000 ft Trip To Space

    In our helium weather balloon launched live at the event.

  • 27,000 livestream views

    103 countries and all 50 states represented

  • 1,600 Total Attendees

    At our main location, the Lincoln School and at our simulcast locations throughout the Greater Boston Area

  • 500+ Paper Airplanes

    Flying off our stage in a sleek installation designed by Bergmeyer Associates

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  1. TEDx
    TEDx: A wonderful talk from @TEDxBeaconSt! RT @TEDTalks: How one doctor helps transgender teens become who they want to be: http://t.co/t1EbrLRjBN

  2. Serena Facchinetti
    Serena Facchinetti: Another talk from our @TEDxBeaconSt has been featured on http://t.co/uN5peGbkRm So proud of you guys! :) #TEDTalks http://t.co/BsZbmsrhsY

  3. L Dell
    L Dell: One of my fav talks from @tedxbeaconst #transhealth "How I help transgender teens become who they want to be" http://t.co/Zs0YanH1H3

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