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Moonshot Ideas at TEDxBeaconStreet

TEDxBeaconStreet is proud to be the first TEDx-affiliated partner of Google Solve for (X). 

Solve For X started with an experimental event in February 2012 co-created by Googlers Astro Teller and Megan Smith and has expanded to include moonshot idea sessions co-hosted with partners that include SXSW, Cannes Film Festival, and Chautauqua Insitute.

Participate in two Solve for X sessions on Nov 16th.

Our morning TEDxYouth Solve for (X) session will be the first Solve for (X) hosted for youth and families and will be simulcast worldwide as part of TEDxYouth Day. Our afternoon session brings even more moonshot ideas. Both sessions are followed by a one-hour optional brainstorm where you can help shape radical solutions to big problems — Register Now.


Megan Smith

Googler, Solve For X


9:15-10:00 Google Solve For < X > @ TEDxBeaconStreet

10:00-11:00   OPTIONAL BREAKOUT SESSION:  Solve For < X > Brainstorming

Larisa Leventon

Imaging Innovator

Leigh Christie

Sustainable Energy

Ramesh Raskar


4:15-5:00 Google Solve For < X > @ TEDxBeaconStreet

5:00-6:00   OPTIONAL BREAKOUT SESSION:  Solve For < X > Brainstorming

Alex Wissner-Gross

Inventor and Entrepreneur

Ting Wu


Alex Reben

Emotive Robotics
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