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President Obama Heeds a TEDx Call

As you may have heard, President Barack Obama is traveling in Alaska this week. In fact, the President will cross north of the Arctic Circle to spotlight his call for immediate and drastic action to combat climate change ahead of the U.N. summit meeting in December 2015. This year, we approach the 100-year anniversary of the National Park Service that protects much of the Alaskan wilderness, which is currently in danger from factors outside NPS control. Mr. Obama will be visiting Alaskan glaciers and Inuit villages, and will be speaking about the need to control greenhouse gas emissions and warming ocean temperatures, phenomena which are particularly apparent in the Arctic region but which affect the entire globe.

We heard about these issues at TedX Beacon Street’s 2014 conference from Ghislaine Maxwell, a deep-sea diver and explorer, and founder of the TerraMar Project. The TerraMar Project fights for climate change awareness, specifically to protect the ocean. Sixty-four percent of the ocean, known as the “High Seas” or “International Waters”, is the common property of all humanity. Whatever we call it, that deep ocean provides the air we breathe, the fish we eat, and many other things we take for granted, but it is very poorly protected by international regulations. Ghislaine’s talks, both at  last year’s TedX Beacon Street conference and at TedX Charlottesville, remind us what a precious resource the ocean is, and how badly it is being abused by the international community that collectively owns it. She provides both harrowing statistics about the sufferings of marine life, and frank suggestions for how we could improve our stewardship of the ocean’s bounty.

One thing Ghislaine suggests is an increase in awareness and education ahead of the 2015 U.N. conference for which President Obama is currently preparing. Watch Ghislaine’s talks to learn about how you can help protect the oceans as this landmark meeting approaches!

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