Dancing Classrooms New England

Dancing Classrooms New England

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Dancing Classrooms New England brings mandatory lessons in ballroom dancing to 5th grade public school classrooms. The social maturity required to dance with a peer makes ballroom a uniquely effective vehicle for developing students’ self-respect, perseverance, teamwork and leadership skills, and manners. Dancing Classrooms is active in over 500 schools across 24 American and 5 international sites, and has reached over 400,000 children to date.

In 2013, students from the Orchard Gardens School in Roxbury were the first in the Boston area to complete the 10-week program. Orchard Gardens has enjoyed tremendous success as one of eight US public schools selected to participate in the Obama administration’s Turnaround Arts Initiative, a program examining the effects of integrated arts curriculum in underperforming schools.


While taking a break from Wall Street to spend time as a professional trapeze artist, Tatiana Webb, an accomplished dancer and aerialist, was recruited to join Dancing Classrooms and began her work in arts education.  Since 2006 she has taught the program’s syllabus in over 40 New York City schools, primarily in the Bronx and Brooklyn. A Boston native and Wellesley alum, she returned home in 2009 to pursue an MBA at Babson College and start Dancing Classrooms in the New England area.