Dick Simon

Dick Simon

Changemaker, Photographer, Entrepreneur
TEDxBeaconStreet 2013


The word THEM has the destructive power to enslave entire continents, wage wars, and commit genocides. THEM impacts personal relationships as well as geopolitical conflicts. This talk will inspire you to get past THEM and recognize that the ‘other’ has its own narrative, history, and perspective. With this insight, conflicts are resolvable and our human interactions are richer and more nuanced.


Dick Simon is Co-Founder and Chair of YPO-WPO Peace Action Network (PAN), which engages business leaders making a difference in areas of conflict and need. In 2012 Dick launched the kNOw THEM Initiative to raise awareness about the danger of THEM, the most dangerous four-letter word in the English language for its ability to marginalize, dehumanize and create conflict.