John Peurifoy

John Peurifoy

Co-Founder & Lead Developer, Fue

John Peurifoy is a rising Senior at MIT passionate about quantum computation systems, building neural networks to run on them, and starting companies to bring these innovations to the world. He has started six companies, holds a number of patents, and has spoken and taught around the world in entrepreneurship. He started his first revenue-producing company when he was fifteen.

Since this inception, John’s work has been featured on the MIT homepage, he has gone to Brazil to found a home-automation startup, taught courses at MIT Launch on entrepreneurship, been invited to the University of Beijing to speak and teach on tech entrepreneurship, traveled to Hong Kong to teach students entrepreneurship, and gone on television to demonstrate how to start companies in a compressed period of time.

John organizes MakeMIT – the world’s largest hardware hackathon – where over 250 people come to develop, test, and innovate hardware solutions to common daily issues. He is particularly experienced with material distributions and the technical knowledge of how to build hardware objects. He also organizes and teaches at HackMIT – one of the world’s largest software hackathons.

John has one year’s experience working with a venture capital firm, teaches at the Physics Laboratory at MIT, and was awarded the Edward C Pickering Award at MIT for outstanding original research. He is a proud eagle scout, and excited to be sharing his knowledge and passion for changing the world.