Larry Moore

Larry Moore

Election Transparency
TEDXBeaconStreet 2013


The purpose of an election is not just to select a winner but to convince the loser that they lost and thereby confer the legitimacy necessary to govern on the winner. In a narrowly divided electorate, with close elections increasing, convincing the loser calls for something beyond simply counting marks inside of ovals. This talk will introduce Election Visualization, a technology that lets human judges and potentially every stakeholder in an election assess voter intent across hundreds of thousands of ballots – in minutes. This new level of election transparency will have profound consequences for democratic elections everywhere.



Larry is a serial entrepreneur who became interested in assembling a sustainable team focused on bringing a new class of tools to election officials. The goal is to enable them to lower the cost of elections while improving speed, accuracy and transparency. In an earlier life as Sr. VP, he was the driving force behind the successful introduction of Lotus Notes which was the first widely distributed collaboration tool.