Teppo Jouttenus

Teppo Jouttenus

edX Educator
TEDxBeaconStreet 2013


Online education opens up possibilities for engaging with a tremendously diverse student body, experimenting with fascinating laboratory tasks, and receiving immediate feedback on your performance. In some respects, such tools can be more effective than traditional schooling. Teppo Jouttenus and his colleague Victor Schnayder will discuss specific examples from edX learners to highlight their successes and explore some directions to improve the power of online education even further.


Teppo Jouttenus is an edX program manager and helps faculty create both massive open online courses as well as on-campus offerings using the edX platform. Before joining edX, he finished a PhD in theoretical physics at MIT looking for the Higgs boson. Towards the end of his studies, he decided to change fields into physics education research which naturally led to working for edX. Online education blended with face-to-face activities is a way for him to put into practice many of the powerful lessons coming from research into how people learn.