Victor Luo

Victor Luo

Teen Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO Ningxia Education Aid Relief; Founder & CEO, Bound

Victor Luo is a 17-year old student from Los Angeles, CA. He founded Ningxia Education Aid Relief, or the NEAR Foundation to provide scholarships for underprivileged rural high school students in China. Since last summer, he’s raised and donated over 2,000 dollars to rural students. In summer 2016, he founded Bound, an app that holds people accountable by making you money when your friends are late, earning features in Boston Magazine, BostInno, LinkedIn, and was named one of the “Top 30 Startups to Look Out For in 2017” by VentureStorm. This will be his second time speaking at a TEDx.


I’ll explore the different metrics and factors that go into the value of someone’s time. For example, an older man would value the time they have left more than a kid. A rich executive would value their time more than an intern. Conclusively, the value that people place on their time is entirely objective and varies significantly. However, this leaves a lot of room for people to not value their time and in turn, diminish their self worth. One way to show you value other people’s time is to always be attentive with them. Be punctual with meetings, don’t flake unexpectedly or leave them hanging by waiting for long periods of time to respond to their email. Also, figure out how to spend your time to make yourself the happiest you can be and to not live with any regrets. On their deathbeds, one of the most common regrets is that they wish they could spend more time with their kids, companions, and loved ones.

Why me: 

Because I am so habitually late, people feeling I’m not valuing their time have confronted me. Out of a personal necessity, I started Bound, an app that holds people accountable to meetings and events. As a student, I’m in a unique position where I can observe people younger than me being too self-absorbed in the newest gadget, and adults that are not fulfilled with their lives. The causal effects of the lack of self-value is the most clear when I am at the midpoint of the two demographics.

Why now:

People can get lost into something trivial, spend hours mindlessly surfing the web, and spend a whole day isolated, away from family, friends, and loved ones. Now more than ever, it has become increasingly easier to waste time.