How to Start Your Own Space Program | Joseph Maydell

A flight controller for the International Space Station at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Joseph Maydell came to TEDxBeaconStreet 2012 and gave a talk about how he founded High Altitude Science to help others experience the thrills…

Why We Need Space | Tom Horn

Having grown up studying the night sky at the Mt. Haleakala observatory in Hawaii, it is little surprise that Tom Horn pursued a career in space. Shortly after graduating from Virginia Tech, he was hired by NASA as a Flight Controller for…

Faster Helicopters of Tomorrow | Scott Williams

Scott Wiliams, a retired 20-year Army veteran, has proudly served in many missions, including Operation Iraqi Freedom.   “I’ve been shot at … and have shot back,” Scott shares.  He has logged over 2,200 hours in helicopters, the…