Food by Jasper White

Who loves you and loves great food? We do! TEDxBeaconStreet is proud to partner with chef, cookbook author and restaurateur Jasper White who will bring his Food is Love Summer Shack menu to our conference, featuring expertly crafted classic…

Improving Nutrition on a Global Scale | Geoff von Maltzahn

When could society tackle the twin epidemics of starvation and obesity? 50 years? 100 years? What about today? Geoff von Maltzahn from Flagship VentureLabs explains how their team harnessed the power of technology, biology, and economics…
Jon Friedman

Thinking Inside the Box | Jon Friedman

Designer Jon Friedman, the Co-Founder of Freight Farms, explains how lateral thinking got its start and how this creative problem solving technique can help us all create a more sustainable society.  He illustrates how this can be done…
Ashley Stanley

Social Justice Through the Power of Food | Ashley Stanley

Ashley Stanley founded Lovin' Spoonfuls in 2012, based on her realization that the “There is Not Enough” model of food drives was inherently flawed.  While eating in a restaurant with her mother in 2010, Ashley suddenly became aware…
Ashley Stanley

What has your food been eating | Laurent Adamowicz

As a native Parisian and a natural born foodie, food has always been a part of Laurent Adamowicz’s life. “I was born and raised in Paris and worked in the food industry for many years in various capacities - bussing tables, as a barista,…