John Werner Recognized as One of Boston's 50 On Fire

Bostinno has announced the victors of Boston’s 3rd annual “50 On Fire” award. This list recognizes the city’s most influential inventors, disruptors, luminaries and newsmakers across all industries. We are proud to announce that Ideas…

Speaker Doug Melton Making Frontpage News

Reported today in the Boston Globe, TEDxBeaconStreet alum Doug Melton is making groundbreaking progress in the battle to end type 1 diabetes. His research will inform the rest of the scientific community and serve as a critical stepping…

Inventing the Impossible | Marco Tempest

By Charles Tiu Marco Tempest is a cyber illusionist, combining magic and technology to produce astonishing tricks and bring seemingly impossible scenarios to life. "I'm not a futurist, but I imagine what is captivating to us in the…

Nikolai Begg TEDxBeaconStreet talk featured on

We're so proud to share this update: Nikolai Begg's talk has crossed the half-million views mark. {535k at last count} You may have seen Lemelson prize winner Nikolai Begg on the TEDxBeaconStreet Stage back in November.  The PhD candidate…
Eric Elenko on the TEDxBeaconStreet Stage

The Future of Medical Innovation | Eric Elenko

Imagine a doctor prescribing a video game to treat ADHD. Or imagine an expanding capsule used to treat obesity; as it expands in the patient’s digestive tract, they feel full and eat less. Eric Elenko gives us a view into technologies…

Improving Nutrition on a Global Scale | Geoff von Maltzahn

When could society tackle the twin epidemics of starvation and obesity? 50 years? 100 years? What about today? Geoff von Maltzahn from Flagship VentureLabs explains how their team harnessed the power of technology, biology, and economics…
Omri Traub

Data, Democracy and the Digital Craft | Omri Traub

In this thought-provoking talk, start up manager and engineer, Omri Traub, takes you on a personal journey, exploring the world of digital craftsmanship and high tech culture. He offers a first-hand account of the revolutionary effect that…
Dennis Whyte at TEDxBEaconStreet

Bringing a Star to Earth for Energy | Dennis Whyte

Our lives revolve entirely around electricity. Dennis Whyte, a Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT, has a vision for how we can consume energy in a cleaner, nearly limitless way. It’s called magnetic fusion—the same process…
Carmichael Roberts and Son

Electronic Tattoos | Carmichael Roberts and Son

Carmichael Roberts started his career as a technologist and today he builds and invests in companies that use chemistry, materials science and materials engineering in innovative ways to make the world a better place. He’s also made…
Vlad Murnikov

From Impossible Idea to Reality: the World's Fastest Sailboat | Vlad Murnikov

”All my life I have been designing and building increasingly unusual and innovative boats,” says Vlad Murnikov.  “I’m not new to controversy and doing impossible things.” Undeterred by living in land-locked Moscow, Vlad began…