The Many Musical Minds of TEDxBeaconStreet

In just a few days we will be inspired by the many minds on stage at TEDxBeaconStreet. What the diversity brought to the stage in genre - from Genetics to Business Leaders to Inventors  - is complimented by the breadth within genre. You…

Design your Life | Kerah Cottrell + Heath Hunter Award-winning web designer Kerah Cottrell has some advice on how to design your life: “Find your passion, develop a support network, be kind to everyone, follow your heart... and you will be full-filled.”…
David Polansky

Music for Laughter and Enlightenment | David Polansky

Using trumpet, piano, and voice, David opens a window into his musical life and invites the audience to join him for a number of his songs, preceding each one with a short history.  Using music to tell stories, David delights and engages…
Amy Robinson

Introducing the TEDx Global Music Project | Amy Robinson

The TEDx Global Music Project is a collection of the best live music from TEDx events around the world.  This initiative is to sound what TEDx is for the world of ideas;  namely, a genre-defying library of passionate performances curated…
Akino & Yoshino Watanabe and Sumie Kaneko

Japanese Harp | Akino + Yoshino Watanabe and Sumie Kaneko

Akino Watanabe, an eighth grader who is passionate about bridging Eastern and Western culture through her music, joined her younger sister, first grader Yoshino, on stage at TEDxBeaconStreet to perform traditional music on the koto, a Japanese…