Yogibos: For Adventurous Sitters

Did you enjoy watching TEDxBeaconStreet from the comfort of a Yogibo? You still can!  Imagine reliving the TEDxBeaconStreet experience watching our livestream videos on a Yogibo of your very own.  It is a great gift for the holidays.  Check…

Ideas Take Shape

This year TEDxBeaconStreet welcomed back graphic recorder and facilitator, Karyn Knight Detering of Ideas Take Shape. Karyn’s creative pictures capture the innovation and excitement of TEDxBeaconStreet. A life long artist and designer,…
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Ideas in Action on

We're thrilled to announce that TEDxBeaconStreet is now re-blogged as part of the Community Voices program! Welcome visitors to the TEDxBeaconStreet community where all year long we put Ideas in Action. Our annual…
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IdeaPaint In Action

If you've been following our blog, you know about IdeaPaint.  Another proponent of "Ideas in Action," their product transforms any flat surface into an erasable marker board. They also helped illustrate our concept of 'Ideas in Action' in…
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Introducing...our Bergmeyer Stage

Tree of Knowledge, paper airplanes & the iconic red dot Many thanks to the talented team at Bergmeyer for understanding the values and ideals of our community and delivering a dynamic vision of ideas in action! Here is a preview of what's…
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TEDxYouth just got SUPER comfy and bright with YOGIBO fun!

Thanks to Yogibo, the Lincoln School will be outfitted with 75 enormous Yogi Max And trust us, you've got to experience them to believe how fun and comfy they are! Eyal Levy founded Yogibo in 2009, bringing their new-fangled, super-comfy and…
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IdeaPaint bringing TEDxBeaconStreet ideas to life

In real time, at every talk an IdeaPaint artist will draw the ideas our speakers express IdeaPaint knows all about ideas in action. Their product transforms any flat surface into an erasable marker board. Simple? Simply powerful. It turns out…
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Empowering speakers and YOU with Storytelling Machines

Speakers and soon attendees tell their stories in video through a partnership with Storytelling Machines technology lets you create powerful movies with hardly any effort. As we gear up for the TEDxBeaconStreet, we…