Our Speaker Alex-Wissner Gross on

Congratulations to Alex Wissner-Gross, our first speaker to land on the homepage of! 820,054 views and counting... That's the population of Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville combined. In November, Alex took to the TEDxBeaconStreet…

Augmented Architecture | Simon Kim

When Simon Kim says the word “architecture,” he doesn’t envisage traditional structures; he sees flexibility and dynamic movement. Kim pushes architecture to evolve. His firm, IK Studio, defines architecture as anything that mediates…
Daniel Theobald

The Robot Revolution | Daniel Theobald

Humanistic roboticist and ethical innovator Daniel Theobald sees a changing world and he wants to give you the tools to help him make it better. In the technological Age of Automation only one thing is constant: change. The line between…