Happy Valentine's Day from TEDxBeaconStreet!

We hope you enjoy this handpicked playlist of heart day theme talks from the last three years of TEDxBeaconStreet. This collection features inspiring talks about thoughtful gifts and innovative means of connecting, discovering purpose, passion…

The Lost Generation | Kevin Gilbert

By Charles Tiu A world traveler and photojournalist, Kevin Gilbert has dedicated his life to helping people take better photos. Gilbert's philosophy is that good photography is about the story. Content is king. "If it's really good…

Inventing the Impossible | Marco Tempest

By Charles Tiu Marco Tempest is a cyber illusionist, combining magic and technology to produce astonishing tricks and bring seemingly impossible scenarios to life. "I'm not a futurist, but I imagine what is captivating to us in the…

Congratulations to Superstar Megan Smith: The New U.S. CTO

TEDxBeaconStreet alumni and leader in our collaboration with Google Solve For X was selected by President Obama to serve as the Chief Technology Officer for the United States.  You may remember Megan from her amazing energy on stage and…

Curiosity Driven Learning | Aya Sakaguchi

By Caty Rezendes What are students curious about? And how can you leverage their natural curiosity to create a passion for learning?  Aya Sakaguchi's research at MIT and Harvard looks for answers to these questions using smart phones…
Eric Elenko on the TEDxBeaconStreet Stage

The Future of Medical Innovation | Eric Elenko

Imagine a doctor prescribing a video game to treat ADHD. Or imagine an expanding capsule used to treat obesity; as it expands in the patient’s digestive tract, they feel full and eat less. Eric Elenko gives us a view into technologies…
Googler Matthew Gray on the TEDxBeaconStreet Stage

Ngrams, Applesauce and Billions of Words | Matthew Gray

Ever wonder what all those words in all those books might be good for? Google has an app for that. In this TEDxBeaconStreet talk, Google software engineer Matthew Gray discusses learning about culture, technology, language and even applesauce…

Accelerating Innovation in Education | Adam Frankel Adam Frankel was a senior speechwriter for President Barack Obama for four and a half years. But one day Frankel felt that words weren’t enough—he wanted to be active in the topics he cared about,…
Daniel Theobald

The Robot Revolution | Daniel Theobald

Humanistic roboticist and ethical innovator Daniel Theobald sees a changing world and he wants to give you the tools to help him make it better. In the technological Age of Automation only one thing is constant: change. The line between…