Alyssa Bates

Gifts for Any Season

Have you ever struggled to come up with unique and meaningful gifts for birthdays or holidays? Two of our TEDxBeaconStreet 2013 speakers have set the bar about as high as it can be set with their once-in-a-lifetime gifts to their loved…

Playlist: Women on Leadership

TEDxBeaconStreet 2013 included talks by  five amazing women leaders. Beth Babcock, featured in another post, is the CEO of Crittenton Women's Union.  Her talk features the latest findings from brain science, which her organization…
Beth Babcock

Beth Babcock - Science Reshaping Poverty

Crittenton Women’s Union CEO Beth Babcock told us a story of hope at this year's TEDxBeaconStreet. The story is rooted in difficult facts. More than 46 million Americans live in poverty today. One in seven households were food insecure…

Reflections from 2012 Speakers

The Pulse Network is hard at work editing video for our 60 TEDxBeaconStreet 2013 talks. When our talks are launched we will look to you, our community, to help us get the talks shared with the world and set these important ideas into action. How…

Ideas in Action Award to Lara Stein & the TEDx team

This year we kicked off a new tradition, the Ideas in Action award. The inaugural award goes to Lara Stein and the TEDx team. Lara is pictured here with the award in hand while at an Adventure at the MIT Media Lab, along with her son Blake who…
Eiso earing his Ideas in Action t-shirt!

The Power of the TEDx Community | Eiso Vaandrager

Cleantech expert and curator of TEDxAmsterdam, Eiso Vaandrager, talks about how the TEDx community can push ideas further into action and move from speaking about changing the world, to actually doing it. With the support of an estimated 6-10…
Mario Chammorro at TEDxBeaconStreet

The Happiest Conference on Earth | Mario Chamorro Mario Chammorro takes us through the experience of TEDx New Haven April 2012, a conference themed on happiness. Holding true the belief that happiness is the key factor to generating social change,…

An Adventure Could Change Your Life | Arthur Zards

TEDx Adventures are changing the way we interact with our world, and with each other, in the spirit of making learning engaging and tactile. Arthur Zards organized an adventure of his own, and quickly realized that this could be something…
Kevin Young

Creating Products People Love | Kevin Young

Can you explain the design process in eleven minutes and sixteen seconds?  If you’re designer Kevin Young, Managing Principal at Continuum, you can.  In this TEDxBeaconStreet talk, he reveals the formula for creating innovative designs…
Jon Friedman

Thinking Inside the Box | Jon Friedman

Designer Jon Friedman, the Co-Founder of Freight Farms, explains how lateral thinking got its start and how this creative problem solving technique can help us all create a more sustainable society.  He illustrates how this can be done…