Diversity in Grapes and All Things | Michael Gropman

Grapes, like people, come in hundreds of different shapes, shades and varieties; but most of us rarely venture to evaluate other types of grapes. People come in many different shades, too. Like our grape selections, we get accustomed to…

Design your Life | Kerah Cottrell + Heath Hunter Award-winning web designer Kerah Cottrell has some advice on how to design your life: “Find your passion, develop a support network, be kind to everyone, follow your heart... and you will be full-filled.”…
Matthew Cooney

Change Starts Here | Matthew Cooney

Our media-centric culture drowns us in negative energy, says social worker Matthew Cooney. It has become all too easy to get flooded by despair and get lost looking for causes to support. In answer to that, Cooney encourages us to think…
Kevin Young

Creating Products People Love | Kevin Young

Can you explain the design process in eleven minutes and sixteen seconds?  If you’re designer Kevin Young, Managing Principal at Continuum, you can.  In this TEDxBeaconStreet talk, he reveals the formula for creating innovative designs…
Jon Friedman

Thinking Inside the Box | Jon Friedman

Designer Jon Friedman, the Co-Founder of Freight Farms, explains how lateral thinking got its start and how this creative problem solving technique can help us all create a more sustainable society.  He illustrates how this can be done…
David Polansky

Music for Laughter and Enlightenment | David Polansky

Using trumpet, piano, and voice, David opens a window into his musical life and invites the audience to join him for a number of his songs, preceding each one with a short history.  Using music to tell stories, David delights and engages…